We are not providing just another eCommerce platform, we are providing a complete digital experience in a market like grocery where online transactions will reach 20% of the total revenues by 2020.

A fully customizable and scalable Saas solution, for retailers and brands that are approaching the complicated ecommerce market.

We believe that in the next few years we will be moving toward a sort of “instant shopping” society even for food and grocery shopping.
Customers will request same day delivery, wide selection of grocery products and options for a fast click and collect or same day delivery shopping experience.
To respond to consumers requests our platform was founded on few important pillars:
(userei mentre parliamo di queste cose un’immagine tipo quella allegata ovviamente con look & feel simile, che è il concetto di ecommerce distributivo, l’hub che fa da pick up and delivery point)

Our Expertise

6 years of experience managing hundred thousands of images, product descriptions, price daily changes, consumer interactions and behaviors.
A solid architecture that provides high quality standards and performances on a large scale.

POS is king

We believe in a network of POS on the territory that will help retailers provide the best and fasted online service in their neighborhood.
For once, the real world is key to provide a winning online service.
Offline investments in real estate POS, will not be cannibalized by the online commerce.
On the contrary, online Commerce service will be centered and developped on a network of local pre existing physical facilities that will serve as hubs, maximizing ROI for retailers.
Each POS in the neighborhood will be the pick up point for a quick click and collect experience or the starting point for a same day delivery option with local distinctive prices, promos ans stocks.
Geo-local eCommerce is the next hot service.


The platform is based on custom code developed in house. This makes our Saas offer a flexible and fully customizable solution made to address your unique requirements, from design, to interaction with users, to custom made features or engagement tricks.

Ready to use

Launching an eCommerce is a challenging task: execution and costs, even for reputation and future impact on offline business
ReStore wants to make the whole process as easy and quick as possible, specially for those who have no previous experience in this field.
With our A to Z approach retailer only focus in providing the best possible service without worrying about technology, code implementation or online performances.

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